Tips on Nonprofit Email Newsletters

Knowing what you want to achieve via email is essential to creating the right content and delivery schedule. Determine What Your Newsletter is For The first thing you need to do is figure out what role your email newsletter will play in your overall communications strategy. Are you using email to motivate action like donations or volunteering? Are you educating donors about the work they have supported in the past? Are you providing services to members? Create a Simple Email Newsletter You need to realize that Continue reading →

Operating Costs for a Nonprofit

While it might not make sense that many of the operating costs of nonprofits and for-profit businesses are the same, if you consider the definition of operating costs, it becomes clearer. Operating costs are those expenses that cover the costs of running the business and making a product or service. For nonprofits that don’t make or sell a product, fundraising, or development, costs are considered similar to manufacturing costs. Understanding these expenses will help you create accurate budgets for a nonprofit organization. Operating Costs Operating Continue reading →