Karepak - Charity begins at home,

How does it work?
In partnership with Amazon.com, Karepak provides a safe giving experience. Donors are able to identify non-profits’ needs and purchase items directly through our website. Items are shipped from Amazon directly to the charity.

Is there a fee to use Karepak?
There is no fee to the non-profits or the donor to use our system.

Can I use my donation as a tax write-off?
Charitable contributions made to qualified organizations may help lower your tax bill. All the organizations in Karepak directory are 501(c)(3) classified. In order to claim your charitable contribution as a deduction, we also provide charity FEINs.

How do I make sure that my donation gets to the right hands?
Karepak provides a shipping address for each organization. All you need to do is to copy/paste the address at the online check-out.

Do I get a receipt for my donation?
Your receipt at the checkout will suffice for tax purposes.



Karepak – What is charity? Charity begins at home, where in kind donation answers to donation request. Karepak makes donations reach those in need quickly. View your charity urgent donation requests, chose the level of your support, and items will be shipped within days.