Individual giving

We would like to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of Karepak members. Your personal commitment is incredibly helpful and allows the non-profits to reach their goals.

Individual giving refers to the many charitable gifts made by the general public and is by far the largest source of charities’ income from donations.

So, what percentage of your giving goes to support the mission of the nonprofit, as opposed to administrative expenses? Some nonprofits may have quite a bit of overhead, but according to the charity ratings, if they are spending more than 33.3% of their total budget on overhead, the organization is simply not meeting its mission.

Karepak allows you to send an in-kind donation (instead of money) directly to the organization you chose.

This is how it works:

karepak works


Karepak – What is charity? Charity begins at home, where in kind donation answers to donation request. Karepak makes donations reach those in need quickly. View your charity urgent donation requests, chose the level of your support, and items will be shipped within days.