Kids Being Used To Sell Candy For Fake Charities


Adolescent kids are, no doubt sent to new neighborhoods offer confection route to-entryway for the sake of philanthropy. CBS 2’s Dave Savini has been examining these operations and found, sometimes, crooks case to have foundations and use kids to sell their products.In one Naperville neighborhood, a young person is seen strolling alone, approaching outsiders, offering treats.

“I’m offering Devil’s Food, chocolate treat cakes, nut bites,” said the kid.

CBS 2 discovered one kid, who says he is ten years of age, and other offspring of diverse ages requesting for the sake of philanthropy. CBS 2 discovered they had comparative deals pitches however, in each one case, we couldn’t discover any true blue philanthropy. Inhabitants in the area being requested are suspicious.

“You sort of provide for them five dollars and trust its going towards a decent cause,” said Naperville occupant Jennifer Riordan.

“We have to be more suspicious, which is miserable, of individuals reaching the entryway professing to speak to foundations,” said Kaitlin Denker, additionally from Naperville.

Licenses are needed for these sorts of way to-entryway deals. A teen CBS 2 discovered requesting took off running, alongside the man he said he lives up to expectations for, when requested their certifications.

On account of the ten year old, the kid gave us a letter that says he meets expectations for Robert T. Page, who is a rehash lawful offense drug guilty party with various criminal cases. Page’s supposed philanthropy, Second Chance Childhood, is not enrolled. The letter being utilized to request was composed by Congressman Danny Davis’ office.

“It is outrageous,” said Congressman Davis. “It is dishonorable. It ought to never be carried out.”

Congressman Davis was shocked to see children, and his name, being utilized along these lines.

“We don’t have the foggiest idea about any all the more about them and I’ve never reached them,” Congressman Davis said in regards to Robert Page and his philanthropy.

The other youth vendor, the young person, was offering for Terrell Brown and Kids of America, Inc. Aside from running when CBS 2 addressed them about their qualifications, Brown got a rock and we called police. Tan is a rehash lawful offense guilty party with law violations including medications, local battery and helping the wrongdoing of a kid. Tan dropped the rock and said he was not going to utilize it.

Police discovered him utilizing other kids to offer sweets and refered to him for unlawful requesting. Tan says he was not mindful he required a license.

Terrell Brown has been refered to for doing this in Wheaton, Glendale Heights, Villa Park and different suburbs.

On account of Robert Page, Congressman Danny Davis says his staff part composed a constituent letter recognizing Page’s work in the group before confirming the non-profit existed.



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